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I've been known to get lost on occasion. I believe I have one of my hiking videos on here where I got lost for a time in Winter. Nothing serious as I wasn't far from civilization but still irritating beating my way through the bush, first following 'Sasquatch' tracks then relying on sound for direction. Okay, the 'Sasquatch' tracks were old snowshoe impressions but I can fantasize can't I? I have been in situations on the water where I was disorientated for a time in the fog and darkness. Now I found that not to be pleasant. It's not that I can stop the kayak and get out and walk around or make a fire. Again, there is a thread I made on here somewhere about navigating blind on the water. Haven't gone over a waterfall or sucked over to Portugal......yet.

Found the Night Navigation post:
Been blanketed in fog more than a few times as I used to have to take my younger sisters 15km by boat into school each day.
There were a few times my bearings were off slightly and became lost, I was always more scared of someone not heeding the conditions and going too fast to spot us in time.