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Thread: Chief Three Bits

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    Chief Three Bits

    Chief Three Bits by Trent Rock's Visual Vices, on Flickr

    Left to right===>
    [Left]Got this True Temper broad hatchet for a buck at a garage sale!!!
    I shined it up....Did some vinegar and Diet Coke patina-ing
    I messed up and bought a "hammer" handle ("link" handle?)
    Oh well..It feels good
    At 1st, I didn't like the hammer head/claw part
    It actually comes in handy!!

    True Temper Hatchet by Trent Rock's Visual Vices, on Flickr

    True Temper Hatchet by Trent Rock's Visual Vices, on Flickr

    [Middle] Some generic "Made in India" hatchet
    It's kind of a small head
    Perfect for throwing

    [Right] True Temper Tomahawk
    (See my other post)

    I have a Miller Falls and a Collins "Crown" hatchet I have new, hand made handles for
    I'll post pics when I am done staining the handles...

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    Now that looks like a very handy carpenters hatchet Trent, what a score.

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