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Thread: Maine Woods: A hike up Bradbury Mountain 4-30-2012

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    Maine Woods: A hike up Bradbury Mountain 4-30-2012

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    Did a small hike today which was good as usual, typical Maine woods but not far from civilization.
    At the end however I met a man who was camping in the park below the mountain and had spent the entire Winter there. In fact, he is planning on staying there and living all next Winter there as well. Guess who is going to camp nearby him next Winter? Yep, that be me. I do plan on going back in the next few weeks and make a video of just him and his campsite. He heated with wood this past Winter but experimented a bit with coal and is going to add that to the mix this coming season. But i digress from the hike......

    Oh, when I say 'mountain' it's really a hill of sorts.

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