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Thread: My truck project

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    The Evil Penguin Guest
    Dude that so SUCKS! ... maybe time for a redesign ...

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    Bladed Guest
    As some may know I've been out of work for awhile now, and a thought occured to me. Maybe I should get sponsers for this build and use it to start a 6x6 conversion company? What do you think?

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    Bladed Guest
    Well I decided to hook the steering up to make it easier to move the truck around during the build. Well I either have to go with a crossover steering or move the steering box forward 2 inches.........................

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    Bladed Guest
    A little progress report. I've got the truck turned around and moved back over to the shop. Tomorrow I will try to get the bed back off and the rear suspension back out, then hopefully more pics.

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    The Evil Penguin Guest

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    Bladed Guest
    More pics as soon as I have something new to show.....................

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    Bladed Guest
    ok, I got the bed off and the rear axle back out and will start the mock up process to design the new rear suspension for the twin rear axles, very ,very soon.

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    Bladed Guest
    Ok a little up date. I've been working in Cad to design the rear tandem suspension. Looks like I will be going with a 3 link off road design, this will give me maximum articulation and road handling abilities. Part of my design is using semi tractor air springs. The air springs will give me a greater load capacity and a better over all ride, which is a must with a wife with a bad back.

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    Bladed Guest
    To give a few specs on the drive train. I plan on two sm 465 manual transmissions a NP205 transfer case and 3.73 rear axle gearing. this will give me two 4.65:1 low gears in the transmissions, 2:1 in the transfer case and 3.73:1 in the axles.

    This will give me a monstrously low ratio of 161:1. Along with a Cummins 6BT diesel @ 160 hp, and 400 foot pounds of torque, multiplied by the gearing comes out to 25,760 hp, and 64,500 foot pound of torque at the wheels,

    and divide that by the tire radius gives an end result of 12,880 hp and 32,250 ft pounds of torque at the tread contact patch.

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    Maine Guest
    I said it once before but I'll repeat it again:

    AWESOME project Bladed

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