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Thread: It pays to prep

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    Rokitman Guest
    About twenty years ago I went into the Los Padres Natl Forest in CA on a dirt road which ended after 32 miles. My pooch and I then took a long hike and when we got back to the truck, crap! The battery was dead!The road was to flat for me to push it to jump start it and since there were few cell phones back then I decided to hoof it out! I always kept a gallon of water and a couple of MREs in my truck along with a small emergency kit and on this trip I had a 22 revolver! So I gathered my gear and off we went! We probably got 10 miles before it got real cold as the sun went down so I started a fire and spent the night. I shared the MRE with my pooch and spent more time stokking the fire than sleeping! On the road again in the morning! Dont forget this is wilderness so there is always the danger of bears, big cats, and pigs but it wasn't any of them we had to deal with. It was a pack of feral dogs! But one warning shot from my Rugers sent them on thier way. Scared the crap outta my pooch but he got over it! Got to the main highway that evening and flagged down a passing Highway Patrol.

    It wasn't a traumatic experience since I was prepared but could have been a disaster otherwise! Especially after the officer told me that two people died out there a month previous who were not prepared! Yup, pays to prep!

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    dragon Guest
    A good example, and information.

    thankyou for sharing.


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