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Thread: 40 Ft Shipping containers, some basics to consider.

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    dragon Guest

    40 Ft Shipping containers, some basics to consider.

    This is video series on the use of above ground installation of shipping containers. They have many applications, but there is some basic information that needs to be considered for above ground and, buried aplications.

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    theboonedockssaint Guest
    Awesome pics.

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    theboonedockssaint Guest
    I like these videos ALOT and have alot to say. I would have liked for him to do a few things, different, cheaper and better. I did hear you mentioned where those are the strongest and how they support the weight, in transit and at rest. Yet that is not being taken advantage of. When we set these containers we have a little different support structure, even when suspended above ground. For some it is popular to take advantage of storage underneath. I would have him change a few things, but when someones mentions that it might seem like an attack which it is not. I would like to see better use of the natural support of the containers and the money and labor being spent in other needed areas. All that being said I like the willingness and spirit to "get-R-done". Off the grid is always best!

    I like the Extra tall containers and really like the fact it was painted/primed white inside. Here we do that as with 12v lighting, oil lamps and the dark winters, seem to do better with all the daylight fake or otherwise we can get.

    Here we have whole industry based around " Hollow Metal" usually commercial doors and windows that have metal frames of stamped sheet metal. I bring this up as you can add this idea and weld these into your container houses. They add strength and better doors and windows than off the self hardware store stuff. Why are "we" vinyl or other types in non-houses. It only makes sense to use these and they are cheaper in the long run. They can be one with the container and not a weak link. If your welding on your container already, You can do this and it is 100 times better than using window for a stick built house. Any hole you cut in the container makes it weaker. This help fix that problem and actual improves it. It also allows for steel bars, steel shutters etc. Security! Because it is a commercial design used you can use better glass, fire glass safety glass, etc. The best new is that you can get over runs and surplus stock for half of the price of the decent stuff at places like HomeDepot.

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    dragon Guest
    It is not an attack on anybody mate,

    From ideas in this vid, members can comment on other better ideas, it is the reason why videos are done, gives people a basis to work on and expand into better and more ideas.

    And by posting these, it increases the base line for more ideas.

    Any postive comments and ideas are most welcome.

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    theboonedockssaint Guest
    Very glad as I only want to help and aid and not make any one feel bad. As a prepping community much like any group there should be and will be an exchange of ideas. I don't "know-it-all", the things that I have done and have experiences with I would like to help others from making the same or even different mistakes that are costly.

    I do like the idea of the design, and do acknowledge the advantages of a structure supported by posts n rails and the like. I probably would not have said anything, I heard him talk about the sagging and all of that so..I said something. I would also add that I don't care for the chimney out the top, as here we have snow and rain in excess. If he were to add an additional roof structure, then I would have to keep quiet. I hear and get videos from family DownUnder and hear of the rains and floods. Just caring and concerned, not the Ugly American.

    Besides, Since Matthew Quigley I don't know that I can get into your fine country! I am a fan of the beer and Vegemite! I also like to eat lots of pumpkin Does that count Mate?

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    dragon Guest
    Beer, vegemite and pumpkin, you in mate.

    You make a very good point about an additional roof structure, although we don't have snow in our area, rain and heavy rain is a problem particularly with drainage off the top of these conatiners.

    Those were his intended plans plans at the time of the vid shoot, also interior insulation as you mentioned above, but with low voltage solar powered led lighting.

    The project was far from complete, but he highlighted some problems he encountered during the initial installation.

    There is a vid on the forum, from another owner who used the 20 Ft shipping container. he encountered similar problems in the planning stages, and rectified most of them. He uses his containers primarily as prep storage, but also as severe weather bunkers and, has addressed the issues of a roof structure, external insulation, extra ventalation and an emergency escape capability in case of accidental lock ins.

    But thankyou for your concerns and care, they have been taken aboard, and many of the problems are quite common, no matter where we are, but, there are a variety of solutions and these are most welcome, that is what this forum is about.

    Share our experiences, advice and solutions, and, ask questions.

    There's no ugly Americans on this forum.

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    Way far out in BFE

    Lightbulb Sipping container home in the woods.

    Check this out. Pretty cool.
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    Very good vid mate, it is amazing what can be done with these containers, so many possibilities, and far more affordable than most conventional homes.
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