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Thread: The Bug Out - a short story

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    I came across this fictional story by David Crawford (AKA Halffast) a few years back and posted on this forum some time ago.

    Interesting lessons can be learnt from this.

    Unfortunately, i could only find the story again on another forum, so here is the link.
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    I skimmed over the story, looks pretty interesting. If I wasn't tied up at the moment I'd give it a good read. Bookmarked for later though.

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    Don't know if any of you realize this or not but that story is by David Crawford aka: Halffast the author of Lights Out. You might want to give credit where credit is due.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiseTioga View Post
    Don't know if any of you realize this or not but that story is by David Crawford aka: Halffast the author of Lights Out. You might want to give credit where credit is due.
    All good, I've edited Dragons post to reflect this.

    Anyone who hasn't read Lights Out should find a copy and read it, an excellent story that I thoroughly recommend.

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    Thanks guys,

    It was a lost book mark before i posted this, hence wasn't sure of the author when it was reposted.
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    Wow...that is amazing. I think I wouldn't mind doing some of my own short stories, but most likely over the summer break. Got a lot of work until then
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    Read this story some years ago.

    There is a depressing feeling of impotence and trying to swim through molasses all through the story.

    Thought #1} If everyone in your family is a Flibberty-Gibbet incapable of keeping their hands off their "Bugging-Out" gear...

    Make up a bag for each person carrying the essentials and any small luxuries that you think that they should have—and keep it under lock and key.

    Thought #2} If, in spite of you getting away much faster in the first place, you end up in need of a tow...

    Have everyone take cover and wait until your "Good Samaritan" has shown his true colors.

    In fact, wife, son and daughter don't come out from cover until the vehicle is pulled out and Good Samaritan is on his way.

    Thought #3} Even Wife and daughter should at least have .22 LRs that they can point in the general direction of Brigands and cut loose.

    {Aimed fire is even better, but might be beyond these two Bezonians...}

    The Brigands will be more rattled and more likely to flee with a storm of .22s coming their way—particularly if the two main shooters can Hit someone...

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