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Thread: haversack bushcraft/survival kit

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    Kiwi Bowhunter Guest
    Until you use the nails and you're stuck with the ring hahaha.

    I'm a negative bugger! Haha.



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    Gelandangan Guest
    I use similar SS bottle!

    I have two of them, and one I use to COOK instant noodle over the cola can alcohol stove, whenever I travel light.

    Um, rather than bamboo tweezer, wouldnt a pair of chopstick work better? you can just whittle them out of some sticks.

    Also, I carry a few of the photon torches as zipper fobs in my clothing and other zippers, and a 1000 lumen Lithium Ion torch for long distance lighting.

    With the 18650 rechargeable battery, I never run out of juice even after 1 week in the bush.

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    wave man Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Gelandangan View Post
    Um, rather than bamboo tweezer, wouldnt a pair of chopstick work better? you can just whittle them out of some sticks.
    for my experimentation no the tweezers are superior, and easier to use.

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    this is a great looking kit Waveman, how has it being working for you?
    Added of removed anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi Bowhunter View Post
    Just a warning, those AMK bivvy bags suck donkey dick.

    Used mine once, woke up 2 hours later wet and shivering from the lack of breathable material making me sweat and all the condensation soaked my clothing, ended up shuffling closer to the fire and getting more logs......
    I have a couple of AMK emerg blankets (they are supposed to be much more robust than the std mylar emerg blankets).

    Do you think they might be better than the bivvy sacks?

    Would a goretex bivvy bag (assuming you can find one) be a better bet re warmth with breathability?

    (Having a break ATM between woodchopping and filling the woodshed bouts - as they say 'wood warms you twice!').

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